You can fight it as much as you like, but doctor reviews are important! Look at it this way, if you can rate & review the local cafe, why shouldn’t the person you’re about to operate on have the ability to leave reviews also?! I’ll save that debate for another day!

For private practitioners, doctor reviews are normal. For the hospital-employed doctors, medical residents and young attendings – doctor reviews play an important role in what bonuses you may get. Next time you look at your contract, there might be a provision where a portion of your salary will depend on how many positive reviews and satisfaction scores you get.

Catch my drift now?

Now that we have established the importance of patient satisfaction – how do you encourage your patient’s to leave positive reviews? This is where my next guest steps in. Avalon Hartman comes to talk about EmpathIQ – software that makes it easy for your patient’s to leave a positive review on your behalf. It works with Google and other major patient review platforms.

Your patient about to be discharged from the hospital and is singing your praises? Boom!! Hit them up with a specially made QR code where they can leave a review on their phone. All before they get discharged! It’s that quick gals & guys!!

We also talk about:

  • What is reputation management for doctors
  • What is a Google MyBusiness Page
  • What to do when a patient leaves a bad review
  • What a negative doctor review could mean to your finances

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EmpathIQ – We make it easy for your patients to share their experience in your office. These real reviews are your greatest asset! We will work together to make sure these reviews are working as hard as you are. Visit https://empathiq.io/ to start managing your career reputation today!

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