Renee and I are looking for another real estate property! With each property, we want to know once they are purchased how soon can we start cash flowing those bad boys! There are numbers that we gotta run to make sure we know what we’re getting into. Long story short, it takes work but definitely, ANYBODY can do this.

Currently, we live in New Jersey and it’s a little too expensive for our blood. So we are looking in Houston for our next property. Here’s the problem, how do you properly assess a house if you don’t know the lay of the land locally?

Still do-able. As a matter of fact, folks do it all the time. If you’re listening to this podcast more than likely you’re a busy professional who is trying to balance a lot. What if there was a system to make investing in long-distance properties easy?

That’s where Awning comes in. Awning is an online platform that helps busy professionals grow their net worth through real estate. We’re talking about a platform that takes you through identifying properties all the way suggesting local property managers so you can find tenants. In this episode, the CEO of Awning – Shri Ganeshram, and the Hed of Brokerage Operations – Andreis Bergeron are talking about their platform and what it can do for you.

Things we talked about:

  • What does Wall Street investing in real estate properties mean for you
  • The difference between investing in real estate and the stock market
  • Is the rate of return or cash flow more important in a recession
  • How much does Awning cost you


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