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Why Work With Dr. Nii

Dr. Nii Darko grew tired of being taken advantage of by certain financial planners. He felt he as at a disadvantage because he lacked basic financial knowledge. He found podcasts that not only were educational but were also fun to listen to on his commute to work. With the help of podcasts, alongside his wife, they were able to pay off $625K in student loans in 3 years!

Dr. Nii could not find podcasts about doctors who enjoyed doing nontraditional things not related to medicine. To fill a void, he started Docs Outside the Box in April 2016.

In the first two years, Dr. Nii Darko recorded and edited all of his shows by himself. In such a niche topic, he was proud to have over 100,000 downloads and attracting sponsors. Now, the show generates five figures in annual revenue, and has helped Dr. Nii Darko get speaking engagements and build brand authority.

Docs Outside the Box has consistently been in the Top 100 in Careers on Apple Podcasts, thanks to great guests from Farnoosh Torabi, Dr. Kevin Pho (a.k.a. KevinMD), Dr. Robert Gore, and Dr. Hala Sabry.

The show has also been featured in several “must-listen-to” lists including Doximity, Board Vitals, Soliant, Physicians Practice, and more.


I am very passionate about breaking the typecast of doctors being just doctors! I use that same passion when speaking to an audience. My audience leaves inspired, and motivated to take action. Below are my speaking topics:

  • Get the lifestyle you deserve through independent contracting

  • Contract negotiations

  • Maximizing your value to hospitals/clinics

GLOBAL HEALTH2018-12-31T11:29:42-05:00
  • Have a professional “reboot” through medical humanitarian work

PERSONAL FINANCE2018-12-31T11:28:28-05:00
  • Financial independence through budgeting

  • Debt payoff/reduction

  • Savings

  • Reducing tax burden legally

  • Starting a podcast as easy as 3,2,1.

  • Why doctors should start podcasts

  • You have a business

  • Building Brand Authority Through Podcasting


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